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Modern pentathletes fence using an epee, which is a sharp-pointed duelling sword with its end blunted. The target area is the entire body from head to toe. Bouts last for one minute, or until one hit or touch is scored. Pentathletes fence every pentathlete in the competition, in a round robin format. Points are awarded according to the ratio of bouts won to bouts lost.

5 Fencing Facts

  • You must be fit, agile and tactile
  • It is forbidden to turn one’s back on one’s opponent during a bout
  • 70% bouts won corresponds to 1000 points
  • No one is to approach the piste area and disturb the bout
  • Use of the non-sword hand and arm to carry out an offensive or defensive action is forbidden

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Swimming – Pentathletes swim 200, 100, or 50 metres depending on their age. Freestyle or front crawl is the stroke of choice because it is the fastest. The faster the time the more points the athlete earns.

5 Swimming Facts

  • You must have technique and strength
  • Race is by a gun start with a dive after a whistle to take your marks
  • Judges will observe turns and times will be recorded
  • After finishing, swimmers must stay in the water until referee signals to exit the pool
  • Swimmers meeting set times will be awarded 1000 points times above or below each .33 seconds will be awarded =/- 4 points

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Equestrian Riding Pentathletes do not ride their own horse in competition. Instead, pentathletes draw a number to determine their horse. Athletes have a 20-minute warm-up and five practice jumps before entering the riding course. The course consists of 12 jumps including a double and a triple jump. Athletes are awarded 1,200 pentathlon points at the start of the competition and lose points for missing jumps and time faults.

5 Riding Facts

  • You must be fit, react quickly and be experienced
  • 1200 points is a clear round within the time allowed
  • Speed 350m /minute. The length of course is 350 – 450m
  • Spectators are asked to remain quiet while athletes are riding
  • Applause and cheering is appreciated after the course is completed

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Athletes shoot with .177 calibre air pistol at five dropping or electronic targets 10 metres away. They then run one kilometre, shoot another five targets, followed by another kilometre, five more targets and finally a kilometre run to the finish. Points are awarded by time. The athlete with the most points starts first, with the remaining athletes starting in a staggered order determined by one second intervals for every foir point difference.

5 Running and Shooting Facts

  • To shoot Pentathletes must have concentration and self control
  • Running Pentathletes must have stamina, strength and determination
  • Pentathletes finish the competition with a shoot/run combination
  • Total points after the first three events in the competition determines the start order
  • The first athlete to finish the shoot/run wins the overall pentathlon competition

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Melanie McCann

Modern Pentathlon is a very
unique sport due to the fact
that it is made up of five
completely different sports.

Melanie McCann Signature

Melanie McCann

Ottawa, ON

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