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Pentathletes finish the competition with a shoot/run combination. Athletes shoot with a 'laser' pistol at targets 10 metres away and then run 800 meters, this series is completed for a total of 4 sets (3200 meters total) finishing with the final run to the finish.


Points are awarded by time. Total points after the first three events in the competition determines the start order. The athlete with the most points starts first, with the remaining athletes starting in a staggered order determined by one second intervals for every four point difference. The first athlete to finish the shoot/run wins the overall pentathlon competition.


Clothing & Equipment

  • Pentathletes must wear athletic clothing with their name clearly visible on the reverse side of the top.
  • Pentathletes must compete with athletics shoes, with or without spikes
  • Shoot – air pistol:
  • A 4.5mm (.177) caliber compressed air or CO2 pistol is used
  • The weight of the pistol with all accessories must not exceed 1500 grams. The weight of the trigger pull must have a minimum of 500 grams
  • The overall size of the pistol is limited to those dimensions which will permit it to be enclosed completely in a rectangle box having the inside dimensions of 420mm x 200mm x 50mm. A manufacturing tolerance of + 1.0mm in the dimensions of the box are permitted
  • Ported barrels and performance barrel attachments for air pistols are allowed providing the pistols comply with all other requirements, including dimensions.
  • No part of the grip or accessories may encircle the hand. The heel rest must extend at an angle not less than 900(90 degrees) to the grip. Any upward curvature of the heel and/or thumb rests and/or downward curvature of the side opposite the thumb is prohibited. The thumb support must allow the free upward vertical movement of the thumb. However, curved surfaces on the grips or frame, including the heel and/or thumb rest in the longitudinal direction of the pistol are permitted


  • Targets may be either mechanically falling or electronic targets
  • Athletes may shoot as many pellets as they need to in order to hit all five targets within a time of 1’10 seconds. At the end of the time allowed, the athlete may start the running loop regardless of the number of targets hit.

Run Skills

  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Determination

Shoot Skills

  • Concentration
  • Self-control


  • Athletes start the combined event based on their points after the previous three events using a handicap start
  • Athletes run from the start line to their designated shooting station
  • The shooting area is protected from potentially inclement weather or sunshine and is clearly visible to spectators
  • There is a 25 minute combined shoot and run warm up prior to the start of the competition
  • The running course consists of a 1 km loop with as much of the course visible to spectators as possible. The maximum climb of the running course must not exceed 50m.
  • Time penalties may be incurred for various offences


Additional Information

Complete rules for Pentathlon are available on the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne Website

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