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Swimming – Pentathletes swim 200, 100, or 50 metres depending on their age. Freestyle or front crawl is the stroke of choice because it is the fastest. The faster the time the more points the athlete earns.


  • Race is by a whistle or start pistol start with a dive after a whistle to take your marks
  • After finishing, swimmers must stay in the water until referee signals to exit the pool
  • Judges will observe turns and times will be recorded


  • Swimwear must be in good condition and non-transparent.
  • Swimming Caps, goggles and nose plugs are allowed. At international competitions swimwear must meet approved FINA rules.

Melanie McCann at World Cup #1 in Palm Springs, CA
(February 23, 2013)

Canadian Olympian Melanie McCann (Mount Carmel, ON) during her swim in the Finals at World Cup #1


  • Technique
  • Strength


  • Swimmers meeting set times will be awarded 250 points times above or below each .33 seconds will be awarded =/- 4 points according to the points table for the swim event of the modern pentathlon.
  • This points table can be found in the swimming rules section of the UIPM website: http://www.pentathlon.org/the-uipm/rules-regulations/

Additional Information

Complete rules for Pentathlon are available on the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne Website:

Rules & Regulations

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