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Our Canadian pentathletes, at all levels of competition across the country, work hard every day to improve and to get sharper in the various pentathlon disciplines.

Canadian National Team

The athletes at the national team level are challenging the world’s best at the highest levels of the sport. But our Olympians aren’t able to relax at home because there is always a new crop of competitive athletes at the Junior and Development team levels challenging them to be at their best.

The committed athletes and coaches below are powerful examples of what’s good in sport and are making their mark on the pentathlon scene whenever they compete together.

Senior National Team

  • Beatrice Cigagna
    Beatrice CIGAGNA
    Schomberg, ON
  • Hillary Elliott
    Hillary ELLIOTT
    Ingersoll, ON
  • Melanie McCann
    Melanie McCANN
    Mount Carmel, ON
  • Garnett
    Garnett STEVENS
    Rockland, ON
  • Donna
    Donna VAKALIS
    Toronto, ON

National Head Coach

  • John
    John HAWES
    Ottawa, QC

Masters Athlete

  • Bob
    Bob NOBLE
    Port Coquitlam, BC

To view our past national team members, click here.

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