Hillary Elliott

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Personal Background

  • Name:Hillary Elizabeth Elliott
  • Date of Birth: June 23, 1998
  • Height:: 5’8”
  • Hometown: Ingersoll ON
  • City of birth: London ON
  • Residence: Ingersoll ON
  • Language(s) spoken: English and French
  • Email:hillelliott98@gmail.com

Sport-Related Background

  • National team
    member since:2015
  • Head coach: John Hawes
  • Swim coach: Roman Ramirez (South Western Aquatics)
  • Run coach: Chelsea Yvonne Lynes
  • Riding coach: Melissa Panjer
  • Fencing coach: Paul Mutter

Interview Questions

Why you love the sport of pentathlon?

I love the challenges it offers and the benefits and experiences I gain from it.

When you got involved in pentathlon and why?

I started as a competitive swimmer and was doing kids of steel triathlons at the age of 5 reaching the podium every year at national championships between 2003-2008. When I was 6, I started taking riding lessons and joined the London pony club when I was 9, where I was introduced to tetrathlon. Since then, I picked up the shooting and fencing and started to focus on pentathlon.

How often do you train (per week or month)?

I train 30 plus hours a week.

Of the five sports of pentathlon (fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting and running), which do you consider your best?

I would consider swimming my strongest event.

Do you participate in other sports?

Training in the 5 disciplines of Modern Pentathlon doesn’t leave much time for any other sports, however I have been snowboarding and skiing since the age of 2 and try to get out whenever I can. I may take up triathlon again when I can fit it in my schedule.

Are there any other athletes in your family?

My brother and sister were also competitive swimmers and triathletes.


Finishing up high school.

What career would you like to pursue or are you currently pursuing?

Law enforcement RCMP or CSIS or possibly Canadian Special Forces.

Language(s) spoken:

English and French

Future goals (in sport & or work)?

A long term goal is for sure the Olympics, but also to keep working hard everyday to improve as an all-around athlete, to achieve the best results I can.

How has being an athlete benefited you (positive effects in your life that you would not have had otherwise)?

The health benefits, traveling and life experiences along with the international friendships gained.

My favourite meal is?

I love all food, but potatoes rank pretty high on my list.

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