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Pentathlon Canada Announces Athletes Vying for Qualification to Toronto 2015

November 19, 2014

Toronto, Ontario – Pentathlon Canada is pleased to announce the athlete pool from which the final athletes for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games team will be selected. Qualification competitions leading up to selection for Pan Am Toronto 2015 run through the coming months with selection to be finalized in May 2015.

22 female and 28 male athletes will compete in Modern Pentathlon at the Pan Am Games Toronto 2015 on 18 and 19 July, with schedule and ticket information available here. No more than three spots are to be allocated to a single country. The available spots for Canada will be finalized shortly with the completion of recent ranking events and we are hopeful as many as three Canadians from each gender will be able to make up our pentathlon team.

The athletes vying for selection include three Olympians Melanie McCann, Donna Vakalis and Joshua Riker-Fox with some newer faces hoping for a significant break through and skilled masters athlete Bob Noble working very hard to see if he is able to capture a spot as this event is hosted on home soil.

The athletes eligible for qualification are as follows:

Evin Ballantyne (ON)
Jonathon Denoon (ON)
Cayden Hill (ON)
Bob Noble (BC)
Joshua Riker-Fox (AB)
Christopher Rudolph (ON)
Garnett Stevens (ON)

Shauna Biddulph (AB)
Hillary Elliott (ON)
Kelly Fitzsimmons (ON)
Melanie McCann (ON)
Mathea Stevens (ON)
Donna Vakalis (ON)

The Pentathlon Canada Internal Nominating Process (INP) for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games can be found on the Pentathlon Canada website at http://pentathloncanada.ca/athletes/

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