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Pentathlon Canada and TORONTO 2015 seek high-quality jumper horses for Pan Am Games

July 17, 2014

Owners and trainers whose horses can consistently jump a 110 cm course are encouraged to apply now for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games equestrian phase of the modern pentathlon competition. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the exceptional quality of your horses and trainers, and complement the world-class athletes competing next summer.

Equestrian Phase of the Modern Pentathlon

Modern pentathlon will be a feature competition at the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House in July 2015. For the Equestrian phase of the Toronto 2015 Modern Pentathlon competition, Pentathletes ride an unfamiliar horse (drawn by lot) over a jumper course of 350 – 450m length consisting of 12 obstacles, including a combination of two elements (a double) and another of three elements (a triple) at a maximum height of 120 cm.

Equestrian participation & Benefits and Compensation

  • Up to $500 in prize money for competing in the Pentathlon Canada 2014 Fall Invitation Competition qualifying event.
  • $200 participant award for competing in the Pentathlon Canada 2014 Canadian Championships qualifying event.
  • $200 signing bonus if your horse is accepted to compete in the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games.
  • Your business information on Pentathlon Canada’s website.
  • Official TORONTO 2015 certificate of participation.
  • Insurance coverage for your horse while on the competition venue.
  • Transportation costs to and from the venue will be compensated.
  • Financial compensation (to be determined) for each day your horse participates in the equestrian phase of the TORONTO 2015 modern pentathlon competition as well as the jury ride.
  • Once your horse is selected, TORONTO 2015 will provide a contract.


Registered businesses (horse owners) must attend one of the qualifying events below to be considered. If you cannot attend either event, TO2015 will schedule a time to see your horse after the two qualifying events or will ask you to send a brief video of your horse — only if more horses are required.

Qualifying Events

2014 Canadian Pentathlon Championships: August 1–3, 2014
Application deadline: July 25, 2014

2014 Fall Invitation Pentathlon Competition: October 18, 2014
Application deadline: October 10, 2014

Additional Details

  • Stabling will be provided for the duration of the event.
  • Bedding will be provided (bagged pine shavings).
  • Feed and grain/other feed and supplements to be provided by owner/trainer.
  • Tack and grooming kit will be provided by horse owner.
  • Bridles/bits/martingales (no standing martingales permitted) and saddle to be
  • provided by horse owner/trainer.
  • A veterinarian and farrier will be on-site during the event.
  • Experienced groomers and horse handlers will be assigned to each horse for the
  • duration of the event or the horse owner may participate.

Funded in part by:

  • Government of Canada
  • Canadian Olympic Committee
  • CI Investments
  • Dynamic Funds
  • Fidelity
  • National Bank Investments
  • Government of Ontario

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