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2015-2016 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program

Final List of Ontario Card Nominations Announced!

Pentathlon Ontario is pleased to announce a final list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2015-2016 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Pentathlon Ontario, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

Hillary Elliott
Beatrice Cigagna

Garnett Stevens
Evin Ballantyne

Georgia Rudolph (Alternate)
Christopher Rudolph (Alternate)


Athletes representing Ontario, British Columbia, and Kentucky, USA, competed at the Ontario Modern Pentathlon Championships in Moffat and Fergus Ontario this past weekend, including 5 athletes recently nominated to Team Canada for the TORONTO2015 Pan American Games.

2015 Pan American Games nominated team member Garnett Stevens (Rockland, ON) claimed the Senior Men’s Championship with an outstanding performance. Pan American Games team alternate – Evin Ballantyne (Baden, ON) finished in second place, followed in third place by Christopher Rudolph (Orangeville ON), the last 2 athletes just returning from competing at the International German Championships in Berlin, Germany.

The Senior Women’s champion was Olympian and 2015 Pan American Games nominated team member Donna Vakalis (Toronto, ON). In a thrilling finish in the combined Run/Shoot event, Donna narrowly edged out Olympian and fellow 2015 Pan American Games nominated team member Melanie McCann (Mount Carmel, ON). Third place went to Beatrice Cigagna (Schomberg, ON), fresh from the International German Championships in Berlin, where she posted a 14th place finish in an international field. Also competing was 4th place finisher and youngest 2015 Pan American Games team member, 16 year old Hillary Elliot from Ingersoll, ON.

Boys Youth division winners included Ian Davidson (Guelph, ON) and Sebastian Lucko (Elora, ON). Girls Youth division winners were Maeve Hay-Cooper (Dundas, ON), Georgia Rudolph (Orangeville, ON), Chelsea Spence (St Catherine’s ON) and Riley Denoon from Guelph, ON. In the Masters 70+ age group division, Howard Simmons (Toronto, ON) finished first after claiming a gold medal at the CanAm Veterans Fencing Cup the previous day. Bob Noble and Jane Rusconi travelled from BC and the USA respectively to claim their masters divisions.

Senior Men’s champion Garnett Stevens was this year’s recipient of the Men’s High Point Trophy (donated by Mr & Mrs Colin Peace), and Senior Women’s champion Donna Vakalis was recipient of the High Point Women’s trophy (donated by Mr & Mrs David Watson) for their respective first place finishes.


Please find below the results for the 2014 Pentathlon Ontario Winter Invitational.

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